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Experienced WV lawyers to investigate and defend criminal cases

Aggressive Criminal Defense against Criminal Charges

From a basic traffic violation or common misdemeanor to the most serious felony offense, it’s important to respond quickly to avoid the worst outcome of an arrest.

William Brewer has extensive criminal defense experience in his 36 years of practice and has tried numerous cases to a jury verdict involving serious felonies such as murder, serial rape, sexual assault, and robbery. He was also awarded the “White Collar Attorney of the Year” honor.

A DUI arrest has far-reaching implications and requires aggressive representation. Conviction on a first offense can result in at least 24 hours in jail, a criminal record, fines, and license suspension of 90 days to six months. West Virginia has a 10-year look-back period, and a second offense carries severe punishment — six months to one year in jail and license revocation of up to 10 years. William C. Brewer & Associates will investigate to find errors by police or violations of individual rights. The firm will make every attempt to dismiss charges or reduce a DUI charge to a lesser offense, but if needed, attorneys are prepared to go to trial.

Our Criminal Defense Services

 The firm’s attorneys will investigate and defend cases involving:


  • Drug Possession or Distribution
  • Office of Student Life or Office of Student Conduct
  • University Expulsion, Suspension, or Student Discipline
  • Shoplifting, Theft, or Burglary
  • Domestic Violence (such as battery, protective orders)
  • Traffic Violations (that put drivers’ licenses at risk)
  • White Collar Crime (such as embezzlement, fraud)
  • Sex Crimes (including rape, sexual abuse)
  • Serious Felonies (including robbery, murder, vehicular homicide, kidnapping)
  • Juvenile Crimes/Juvenile Delinquency
  • Probation Violations

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For any criminal charges, the criminal defense team will thoroughly examine the prosecution’s case to identify weaknesses and use them to the client’s best advantage. Contact the firm today at (304) 291-5800. Prospective clients can also reach the firm online through the website contact form to make an appointment. The firm’s experienced criminal defense attorneys will always seek the best outcome to a case.