Why Truck Accident Claims are Complex

Personal Injury

When an Arizona truck driver causes an accident that results in injuries or fatalities, the resulting claims will likely be more complicated than claims in accidents caused by other types of motor vehicles. There are several reasons why this is so.

Trucks are much larger and heavier than other motor vehicles. This means that when they are involved in collisions, they strike other vehicles with substantially more force. As a result, people in those vehicles are much likelier to suffer severe injuries or to be killed. Catastrophic or fatal injuries can lead to substantial financial damage claims that the insurance companies are likely to aggressively fight against.

Truck accidents also may involve more liability issues than car accidents. This is because multiple parties may be responsible. The driver, carrier, distributor, and repair companies may all be liable. This means that an in-depth investigation may be necessary to identify all of the parties that should be named as defendants in the lawsuit. Truck accidents may involve insurance policies with high policy limits, and the companies that are responsible may try to minimize the amounts that they may be forced to pay or to try to avoid paying them altogether.

A tractor-trailer crash can result in catastrophic injuries and losses that can permanently alter the course of people’s lives. Injured victims may have to face lifelong disabilities and may be unable to return to their jobs. Families of victims who are killed may be left with substantial expenses combined with losses of support. Victims and families might benefit from consulting with experienced personal injury lawyers in order to learn how best to proceed.